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Treat Yourself box


Treat Yourself! Treat a Friend!

No matter who is on the receiving end of this box...they're sure to LOVE it!

Packed with things that will make you feel fabulous, plus your choice of a sneaky drink or a feel-good block of chocolate!

Boxed up in your choice of box: signature matte black or fresh AF white, plus a personalised card.


Box includes:

- Wanderlust Lip balm

- Scrubba 'Walnut & Bamboo' Facial Scrub

- Hand poured Candle by Keiki & Hale

Plus your choice of:

- Scrubba 'Coconut & Hibiscus' Salt Scrub

- Scrubba 'Original' Coffee Scrub

(please make your scrub selection at the top)

And your choice of:

- Organic Chocolate by Loving Earth - (flavours may vary)

- Espresso Martini by Melbourne Martini

- Salted Carmel Martini by Melbourne Martini

(please make your treat selection at the top)


*please note, the Scrubba lipbalm in the picture has been discontinued from our range. We currently stock a Wanderlust lipbalm.

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